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Chime VRML Animated GIF Java Online Education


Chemscape Chime works as a PlugIn und is not only able to display ball&stick, but is able to display molecules in many user defined ways, that can be set with the right mousebutton. PDB - files can be included into your HTML - file with the following code:

<embed border=0 src="b12ah.pdb" align=abscenter width=300 height=300 spiny=360 startspin=true display3D=ball&stick PLUGINSPAGE=""> </embed>

The molecules can be saved to the local harddisk as a *.mol or *.pdb - file.
The following sites are using the Chime - PlugIn:
  • Liz Dorland's Chemistry Tutorial and Resource Page
  • Macrogalleria
  • Dublin City University
  • An electronic overview of basic Biochemistry
  • An Introduction to Basic Organic Nomenclature
  • Molecules: Over thousand molecules with Chime

  • VRML

    Caffeine Virtual Reality Modelling Language works as a PlugIn, too. VRML not only displays molecules, but it can also display whole virtual worlds. A good selection of available PlugIns is given at TUCOWS - archive. Molecules can be easily converted to *.WRL - files with a converter (or Molecule to VRML converter engine). The following code includes the file to your HTML - file:

    <embed border=0 src="caffeine.wrl" align=abscenter width=300 height=300> </embed>
    The TH Darmstadt is working a lot with displaying molecules with VRML.

    Animated GIF

    Animated GIF is a file format, that stores different images, that can be displayed in turn. The example shows 10 GIF - images, that are repeating continously. Often a bigger file size results from that technique. Besides the interaction with the user disappeares. The advantage is the independence from PluIn solutions. A very comfortable way to build these images is the GIF Construction Set. To save molecules from different angles RasMol can be used. The following code includes the image into your page:

    <img src="asp_an.gif" alt="Animated GIF"> </embed>


    "Buckyball" - Fullerene
    Java is a platform independent language, that is very similar to C++. Applets are Java - applications, that can be included into HTML - files:

    e.g.: <applet code=XYZApp.class width=300 height=300> <param name=model> </applet>

    The Source of this applet is compiled by a compiler to bytecode (the *.class-file) and the interpreted by the browser.

    Even powerful applications like "Corel Office" are ported to Java. Especially for chemistry Java gives the Web developer a powerful tool to elucidate chemical problems more easily and interactive. The following sites are good starting points for finding out on Java and chemistry:

  • Chemical Java - Examples and Tutorials"
  • MolEdit
  • Java Lattice
  • Gamelan

  • Online Education

  • Educational Material for Organic Chemists (EMOC)

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